Hello I’m Parham Malek Mohammad, I have studied Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. I have a strong enthusiasm about Automobiles and Motorsport Racing, especially due to my experience as a racing driver in iran and my researchs about Automotive Engineering, I found that Powertrain Technology is a Most wonderful subject in modern engineering, Powertrain systems will exist for ever, whether it would be conventional Gasoline or Hybrid Electric or Pure Electric, so we can improve it. it’s what drive us.

  • Date of birth 10/04/1993
  • Address Fuel, Combustion and Emission Research Center, Mechanical Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology - Azadi Avenue - Tehran - Iran
  • E-mail sparham.malek@gmail.com
  • Phone (+98) 910 233 1893
  • Linkdin Parham-Malekmohammad
  • Nationality Iranian

My Skills

    • Communication skills: Good communication skills gained through my experience as a teacher in high school
    • Foreign language: English and German
    • Organizational / managerial skills: Editor in Chief, Magazine of Applied Mechanics "Naame Mechanic Sharif" 2014
      Executive Secretary, "8th Sharif Mechanic Industrial Festival" 2013
    • Job-related skills: having some experience with ECU Programming and map calibration for Racing cars
      Sufficient proficiency in ICE software: GT-Power, AVL
      strong background about the operation of SI Engines and Powertrain Systems
    • Computer skills: Programming: C, C++, MATLAB
      Mechanical Engineering Software: AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, GT-Suite, Carsim
      Good command of Microsoft OfficeTM tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, ...)
    • Other skills: Racing Driving License 'C' in Formula Track, Formula Car Racing School, Azadi Karting Complex, Tehran, Iran
      Physical Readiness Coaching, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Tehran, Iran


Research Assistant
Fuel, Combustion and Emission Research Center

    Under Supervision of Prof. Vahid Hosseini
  • One-Dimensional Simulation of S81 Gasoline Engine (Saipa's Engine) in GT-Power Software
  • Calibration of Predictive Combustion Model for S81 Gasoline Engine (Saipa's Engine)
  • Research on the effects of ethanol Gasoline Engine Operation, and the required changes for achieving the best performance in Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV)

Technical Support of IC Engines
Aala Niroo Company

Instructor of the Course : "Operation & Troubleshooting of IC Engines in Gas & Diesel Generators"

Physics instructor
Soroush High School, Tehran (Iran)
Research Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Department (Sharif university)

    Under Supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Saadat Foumani
  • One-Dimensional Simulation of Powertrain System for TIBA Vehicle (Saipa's Product)
  • One-Dimensional Simulation of Timing & Valve train System for S81 Gasoline Engine (Saipa's Engine)
  • Research on sources of NVH in Internal Combustion Engines

IKCO (Iran Khodro Company)

Visited different sites and workshops (Assembly line of different vehicles and engines)
Visited "Peugeot TU5" Engine assembly line
240 working hours


B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran (Iran)
Mathematics and Physics Diploma (First Rank)
Soroush High School, Tehran (Iran)

Projects and Publications

  • Publications:

    • Seyedparham Malekmohammad, Amin Imani, Numerical Investigation of Flame Laminar Speed of Iso-Octane, Ethanol Blend in Spark Ignition Engine (in preparation)


    • Feasibility of converting a petrol engine (Euro4) to a fuel flex engine which will be able to use gasoline and E85, FCE Research Center, Sharif University
    • Research on sources of NVH in Internal Combustion Engines, Sharif University
    • My bachelor Project Under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Saadat Foumani : “Study and Implementation of Tuning Procedures on a typical spark ignition Engine”
    • Simulation of Internal Combustion Engine Performance in MATLAB Software 2015
    • Tuning Internal Combustion Engines for Racing Cars, including Software Tuning, Calibration, Programming 2015
    • Design Electromechanical Parking Brake (EPB) System for Passenger Cars 2014
    • Design Cruise Control System for Mechanical(Wire) Throttle Internal Combustion Engines 2013

Research Interests

Combustion and alternative fuels

Internal Combustion Engines

Automotive Engineering and Automotive Powertrain Control

Hybrid & Electric Powertrains

Motorsport Engineering

Emission Measuring & Controlling Systems for IC Engines

Additional Information

  • Advanced Courses:

    • Advanced Internal Combustion Engines, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
    • Vehicle Chassis Analysis, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
    • Mechatronic Systems in Automobile, Center of Workshops in Sharif University, Tehran, Iran
    • Practical Electronic, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran
    • Rotax Racing Kart Repair and Service, Formula Car Racing School, Azadi Karting Complex, Tehran, Iran

    Honors and Awards:

    • Ranked 16 among more than 400,000 participants in the nationwide university entrance examination for undergraduate program 2011


    • Member of "Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers" 2012
    • Member of "American Society of Mechanical Engineers" 2012
    • Member of "Sharif University Environment Fans" Group 2011